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Our popular programs:

  • Amber symphony
  • Past and present of East Prussia
  • Svetlogorsk – the pearl of Zamland
  • Natural paradise of Kurshskaya Kosa (Spit)
  • Bridges of friendship
  • Follow the tracks of East Prussian horses
  • Russian Elegy
  • Russische Elegie


You are required to have entry visa to travel to the Russian Federation. If you book a hotel or any other service in “Swena Tours” we shall send you an invitation (hotel confirmation) with our reference number and voucher. On the base of it you can request and obtain Russian visa in the nearest to you Russian Embassy or Consulate. For information: your passport should be valid 3 months after the date of visa expiration

  • Tatyana

  • Valeria

  • Igor

  • Alexander

  • Anastasia


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