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Resort places of Baltic sea coast


Продолжительность: 8 hours

Russia is not rich with sea resort places. Kaliningrad sea coast occupies the special place- it’s the only access of Russia to the Baltic Sea. Nature generously praised this region with shoreless freedom of the sea and a huge amount of golden beaches. Mild humid climate and pine forests attract thousands of tourists. During your fascinating trip you will visit two pearls of the Baltic Sea coast- Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk. These two towns saved the graceful architecture of the modernist style, neat parks and old small roads leading to the promenade. The resort place Otradnoe is located in the city area of Svetlogorsk. Here you will visit the house-museum of a well- known German sculptor, Hermann Brachert, lived in the town before the war, his works beautifully decorate the park and the promenade of Svetlogorsk. The stop in Yantarnoe you will never forget. This place concentrates 94 % of world amber resources. You will see a quarry where this sunny stone is mined with the help of modern excavators on the amber plant. Then amber is shaped in perfect forms in completely unique jewelry. You will have the chance to try your luck and search tiny pieces of amber on the beach.

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