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Natural paradise of kurshskaya kosa (spit)

Продолжительность: 8 hours

There are places on the earth that amaze and delight everyone. One of such completely unique phenomenon is Kurshskaya Spit; it’s the narrow sandy strip dividing Baltic Sea and Kurshskiy Bay. The spit itself is a 97 km long piece of land from Zelenogradsk to Klaipeda. The landscapes are picturesque and fantastic. The coniferous forest replaces the deciduous forest, old relic giants-trees give the place to bushes, and plain land turns unexpectedly to high hills area. The desert reminds the Sahara’s golden sands. The high-altitude dunes arise above the blue beauty of the bay, shoreless sand beaches sing when you step on, elks and wild boars appear on the way, graceful deer loom between the tree branches. And much more will meet here those who wish to touch its surprising world full of harmonies and contrasts. Since 1999 National Park “Kurshskaya Kosa” has been registered in the international list of monuments and natural reserves of UNESCO. During your excursion you will visit the Museum of Forest (14 km) with its unique exhibits which vividly present the history of Kurshskaya Kosa since ancient times up to now. 22 km from Zelenogradsk there is a special station for birds’ cyclization which belongs to the mobile Biological Research Station “Rybachiy” of Zoological Institute of Russian Sciences Academy. Here the biggest net in Europe is fixed to catch birds. In spring and fall the innumerable flocks of birds fly across Kurshskaya Kosa. Nonrandom this place is called the bridge of birds’ migration. You will watch the process of birds’ catch and cyclization with your own eyes. You will listen to interesting story of station worker about the history of cyclization in Kurshskaya Kosa and you can have the chance to set free a bird with a tiny ring on its clutch. Within 20 km you will see all the incomparable and unique landscape of Kurshskaya Kosa from the viewing platform on one of the highest dunes- the dune Efa. And you will stroll about its “singing” sands. Alexander Humbolt, a well- known German geographer and traveler wrote at the beginning of the XIX century: “Kurshsyaya spit is so unique that everyone is to see it as Italy and Spain if you want to give your soul these magnificent views”.

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