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Kaliningrad city tour

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Any city which history is traced to ancient times has its own legend about its origin. Koenigberg appeared as a result of crusade without any legend. When in XIII Saracens forces out crusaders from the land of promise, the look of the Iron Knights turned to Baltic lands. So they founded a city Koenigsberg (“King’s Mountain”) in 1255, “the city for the greater glory of Christ and in order to protect those who had just converted to Christianity”. From those old times little is left, medieval cities were being rebuilt during centuries.

The greatest development of Koenigsberg was in XVII-XX centuries. Modern Kaliningrad fantastically combines the marks of the contemporary European city. German and Russian histories are deeply intertwined, obtained new shapes. During your trip around this unique city you will see old city gates, fortifications and churches, among which there is the oldest one on the Zamland peninsula- Juditten Church (1288), pre-war and modern buildings with magnificent monuments of architecture of XIX-XX centuries, the majestic Cathedral (1333) – its city visit-card with museum and the grave of the great German philosopher I. Kant. Also you will see the largest amber museum in the world with a huge collection of goods and unique examples of this sunny stone.

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